South Indian Breakfast Thali

Perfect for the weekends when we mostly combine breakfast and lunch together.  A very simple yet satisfying meal. The spread includes Sambhar Vadadi Uthappam (Recipe below) Coconut Chutney Onion Tomato Chutney Sambhar Kesari Even though it requires a lot more work, that too on a weekend, many of the items can be prepared ahead. Kesari,Read more

Restuarant style Tamil Nadu Thali

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply – Stephen R. Covey How many of you can relate to this ? I am sure, it stands out for many of us. We all are constantly striving, to impress and compete with everyone that we meet, toRead more

Punjabi Mini Thali

There is a saying that “Opposites Attract”. That is so true when it comes to food as well. Am a hard core South Indian, in terms of tradition, culture and attitude. But, when it comes to eating, I always prefer the North and particularly Punjabi Khana. It is so inviting and rich that the IndianRead more

Kerala Mini Thali

The third Thali that features is the Kerala Thali. This spread is entirely different from the two previous ones I posted. The Kerala dishes have the coastal influence. More of coconut and coconut oil is used in the cooking. This gives this cuisine a mild and mellow taste with a nice fragrance. For the finalRead more

Mini Thali – Tamil Nadu

Any Indian meal, any course per se, never stops with one or two dishes. We always go overboard with “The more the merrier”. Not that I am complaining, of course I enjoy it but this is the fact.  If you take a normal lunch in Tamil Nadu, it has sambhar, rasam, a veggie side andRead more

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