Okra Fry | Vendakkai roast

Roast | Varuval  is a most popular side dish amongst the South Indians. For those not familiar with the term, it is nothing but veggies shallow fried in oil until it becomes crisp. At home we make roasts with 5 kinds of veggies viz., Vazhakai (raw banana), Urulaikizhangu (Potato), Sepankizhangu (Arbi), Vendakai (Okra) and DondakkaiRead more

Lady’s Finger Fry | Stuffed Vendakkai Okra


There are some spice mixes that can be universal. It is so all-purpose, that you will be using it in most of the recipes. One such not so widely known spice mix of the Tambrahms is this kari podi (it has nothing to with curry powder, just a homophone) I can never imagine my pantryRead more