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Who Am I ? 

I am Nisha, born and raised in South India, currently living in Mexico City, New York, Bangalore, New Jersey, Munich, in short – an Expatriate! An introvert who dreads small talk, I have managed to survive 6 long years in foriegn countries. If you are a trailing expatriate who is selectively social, what do you do? Start blogging about things that you are passionate about ! That’s how the idea of a cooking blog was born and also partly due to someone saying that I have a knack for photography and writing. So, here I am with my personal creative space!

“Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. There is nothing in this world that could make a person happier than having a hearty meal. Food is an essential part of people’s lives and cooking is a powerful medium to communicate one’s feeling. The pivot of any parties, celebrations or even a small get together with friends, is always good food. Every time I go home for vacation, my parents stock up on my favourite sweets & snacks. Everyday, for the rest of my vacation would be: Honey, what would you like to have today?

When one has a congenial & receptive audience, the likelihood for a great performance is always high!

I was lucky to be married into a family that enjoys food as much as I do, rather more. My otherwise traditional in-laws, when it comes to food, are very open-minded. I have a Mother-in-law who is an amazing cook and Father-in-law who is very appreciative of food and a lifetime partner who is more than willing to be my experimental subject and critic. Mom, if you are reading this, don’t be upset – remember, I am your offspring after all!

Why a Food Blog ?!? 

Even though I enjoy and love to explore all cuisines, Indian food is always home and that’s what makes me happy and satisfying. The main purpose of this blog is to record as much Indian recipes I can. Being a South Indian, I always feel bad that South Indian cuisine, other than Dosa and Idly, is not very common here in this western world. As cliché as it can get, Indian food is irrefutably beyond curry. What Indian restaurants offer abroad is just peripheral and Indian cuisine is a spectrum of limitless possibilities! This space is for some to be nostalgic; for many, to admire how much this Land of Infinite variety can offer. By sharing my passion with you, I would also like to inspire you to try these hands-on and thereby debunk the myth that all Indian recipes are complicated. The blog mainly features “vegetarian Indian recipes” and at times our “favourites” from other parts of the world.

If you are still with me and not yet bored, here is a list of few of my other likes (You are more than welcome to skip this if not interested!)

  • Movies: Batman series, Thillu Mullu, Mouna Ragam, English Vinglish, 3 Idiots, Rang de Basanti, You’ve got mail to name a few…
  • Books: Prodigal Daughter, Kane & Abel (All of Archer’s) Ponniyin Selvan, Devan’s – En intha Asatuthanam, Famous Five and Harry Potter series
  • Music: Mostly Indian melodies (anything that’s catchy), Irish traditional music and Jazz
  • Tid bits: I love food, sleeping, Binge watching tv series, Great fan of Rajnikanth, Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman, have a huge crush on Nivin Pauly & Brad Pitt!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nisha the blog looks great – the dishes, the narratives and the photos, in short everything!! You have made simple dishes look fancy. I was always a fan of your cooking, now I am fan of your photography and writing as well. Happy cooking and blogging!!!

  2. Nisha, I am new to your Blog and am already completely bowled over by it. Your style is so warm and inviting, you clearly have many talents! I am a distant but huge fan of Indian cuisine but (as yet) have not had the possibility to visit this amazing country. I was lucky enough to try some of your recipes very recently via a mutual friends’ lunchtime party, they were so tasty I had to get the recipes. Love your photography and will definitely be doing some of my own experimenting.

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