Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread Latte – Holiday Latte of  Starbucks. Yeah its holiday time when you see these on the Starbucks menu. This latte is a mix of hot steamed milk and ginger syrup and an espresso. But you can also make this with a normal coffee. You can create this wonderful drink at home to celebrate the holidays. A hot cuppaRead more

Plain Cake (Egg less) ~ Christmas Special

There is no Christmas without a cake. Sweet delicacies are always the best way to celebrate, and share with your loved ones. For the past couple of times, I was not able to get a perfect cake. So this time I wanted to give it a shot again and went for a egg-less recipe. To my surprise, itRead more

Baked Stuffed Potatoes – Hoilday Party Appetizers

Christmas is one of the most important festive holidays around the world and NY is indeed one of the must visit place during this season. With the cold wind blowing and probably snow falling, it is a winter-magical wonderland. The entire city is bright and embellished, a real fest to the eyes.  The Giant Christmas tree in front of the RockefellerRead more

Easy way to break Jaggery – Tip Tuesdays

Jaggery is one of the quintessential ingredient for making most of the South Indian, festive sweets. When you don’t have a heavy object like a kitchen stone, its difficult to break a whole jaggery. Sometimes it becomes messy too.  Need not be, here after. There is a brilliant way to break the jaggery in a microwave. Wow!!!Read more