Uthappam Recipe – Dosa Variety

This recipe is part of the Breakfast thali that I did in my previous post. Uthappam is a Dosa variety that is soft and slightly thick unlike the regular thin crispy dosa. On top of it, it is  loaded with finely chopped small onions and chillies and coriander leaves.  This imparts an amazing aroma and flavor. Sambhar andRead more

Restuarant style Tamil Nadu Thali

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply – Stephen R. Covey How many of you can relate to this ? I am sure, it stands out for many of us. We all are constantly striving, to impress and compete with everyone that we meet, toRead more

Geelyrs – Yellow Rice

The second post for this week is another simple rice called Geelyrs. Rice flavoured with turmeric powder and raisins. The dish is said to have been come from the Dutch East Indies, colonies of the Dutch. It is traditionally served as a side dish with Bobotie – a variation of the Shepherds pie.   I have tweakedRead more