Rasgulla | Roshogulla

This is my “the most favourite” sweet.  You can say one and only. Period. No other sweet can even come close or ever take its place. I don’t know why it took so long for me to post this on my site. Probably I was scared that I might fail my most beloved dessert. AtRead more

Sandesh | Shondesh

The second day’s feature is Sandesh. A very simple sweet made with paneer. Most of the bengali dishes, especially the kinds I like are all made with Paneer. The “Chenna” as it is called, forms the base for most of the dishes. Once you master the art of making it and cooking it to theRead more

Bengali Payesh – Bengali style rice pudding

The first thing comes to mind when we say Milk based sweets are the “Bengali sweets”. Most of their sweet dishes, the popular ones like Rasgulla, Sandesh, Ras malai, are made with chenna – milk solids we get by curdling the milk. They form the essential base for these desserts.  As per the article mentionedRead more